The main activity of the Company is concentrated in the following lines of business:

a) The supply of drinking water. The Company manages drinking water for public entities and for its own business needs. T

b) Wastewater treatment plant operations. Current services of this nature have been convened with the Excma. Diputación Provincial de Valencia (Valencia Provincial Government) based on agreements reached with other public entities which last for one or twenty-five years. On the other hand, the Company manages operations in its own name in several municipalities, either through contracts with different durations or by participating in Temporary Joint Company operations coming from public tenders usually promoted by the Entidad Pública de Saneamientos de Aguas Residuales de la Generalitat Valenciana (EPSAR) – the official body governing the Treatment of Wastewater in Valencia.

c) Building infrastructures. This includes building pipelines and networks, catchment of water, wastewater treatment plants and, generally, any hydraulic construction originating from existing agreements or the express requests of the city/town councils.